Operation and maintenance

Operation and maintenance of cork floors

Cork covers do not require special efforts to care for them. It should be remembered that even the cork floors are distinguished by their high strength, yet they are natural coverings and need a proper maintenance and being followed by a certain operating rule.

Advise 1.

The best manifestation of taking care of your floor covering is avoiding the contaminations, which gets from the outside. To avoid scratching of the floor surface, lay a mat that will collect grains of sand and particles from the shoe. However, check that the mat on the back side does not have a latex or rubberized base, since these materials can leave stains that are difficult to remove.

Advice 2.

Do not forget about the legs of tables and chairs, which can leave damage, equip them with pieces of felt or cork.

Advise 3.

As the varnish covering is wiped off from the the cork floor, it can be easily restored by using a special varnish. Preliminarily remove the old varnish with a hand grinder orwith a sandpaper by hand.

Advise 4.

To remove dirt from the surface of the cork floor, use a vacuum cleaner and a well-wrung rag.

Advise 5.

Exclude the products that contain abrasives, as well as solvents. For example, you can use emulsion-a self-effervescent, active detergent, removing any dirt, including fats, which protect the floor and makes it shine.

Advise 6.

Glue-down cork parquet has a high wear resistance and it has an unlimited operating period, unlike the floating one. It is necessary to consider that the quality of the paint material depends directly on the producer, because different producers have their own terms of operation and periods of renewal of varnish coverings.

Advise 7.

To prevent the cork covering from losing out the color and changing its color under direct sunlight, use curtains and shutters on the windows.

Care of the wall cork covering

If we talk about the wall cork covering plates, they are additionally covered with wax or varnish, which allows them to be successfully used even in such premises as bathrooms and kitchens. Wax covering provides a reliable protection against moisture and prevents the saturation of the material with unwanted odors. Wall cork covers do not require special care.

Advise 1.

You can clean using a vacuum cleaner or a damp sponge. Stubborn stains are washed off with mild detergents.

Advise 2.

The stained spots on the cork can be easily removed with fine emery paper. It does not electrify, which means it does not attract dust, does not absorb foreign smells, allows to provide heat and sound insulation in the room, contributes to natural regulation of the internal climate.