Instructions for laying the glue-down cork floor

Instructions for laying the glue-down cork floor

– high-strength varnish

– natural cork veneer

– pressed cork

So, the glue-down cork cover is purchased, the base is prepared, now you can start laying. The cork should lie for 48 hours before the beginning of the installation in the room, where the temperature conditions will be close to the operational ones with a natural humidity.

Laying the Glue-down cork covering:

For glue-down cork floor installation, you will need:

notched trowel

rubber mallet



meter metal “Ruler”

Advise 1.

Using a notched trowel, apply some glue on the floor and on the back side of the tile. The glue should be applied in one layer, on the entire surface, without gaps. Make sure that the glue does not get on the ends and the face of the tiles, immediately remove it from there.

Advise 2.

After applying the glue, wait 15-20 minutes to dry, afterwads proceed to the attachment of cork itself. It takes 48 hours to completely dry. Regular airing of the room is recommended.

Advise 3.

For laying the glue-down cork floor, a special contact glue for cork coverings which has an instant fixation is applied. It should be kept in mind that it is impossible to tear off an incorrectly glued tile without damaging it.

Advise 4.

Starting laying, always begin from the center along the cross lines to the walls, regularly checking the perpendicularity and parallelism of the tiles.

Advise 5.

Cork floors retain their elasticity for an unlimited time, so glue the tile to the base with a slight interference (compression), a constant internal tension ensures that there are no gaps between the tiles.

Advise 6.

After gluing, each tile must be taped with a rubber mallet, make sure that there is no "step" between the tiles.


After laying (gluing) the cork covering, producers recommend applying at least three layers of water-based varnish on which the wear resistance of your floor depends. Different producers give different recommendations on the number of layers of varnish, so be sure to consult with experts where you purchase the product. Standard drying time between layers is 2-3 hours. After the varnish dries in 3-4 hours, you can walk on the floor, but do not put heavy objects and furniture. Full crystallization of the varnish comes in 5-6 days. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in white spots or varnish peeling.


After completing all the installation works on the cork floor, it is necessary to sweep away all trash and remove the dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner. You can use a lightly moistened napkin and a mild cleaning agent for cleaning the floor. For areas with deeply stained dirt, use a white non-abrasive cleaning sponge (without large abrasive particles). Wipe the contaminated area with a sponge, then wipe this area with a moistened tissue.

How much does the installation of glue-down cork floor cost?

In so far as the process of laying the glue-down cork is very difficult and requires the master to have certain skills, we recommend you contact certified installation stuff specializing in finishing works. The cost of the work varies depending on the method of laying (direct or diagonal), the width of the cork lamellas (the smaller they are, the higher the complexity of installation) and the thickness of the cork material. If it’s a 4 or 6-millimeter cork, the cost of laying will start from 300 rubles / m², the 8-millimeter cork will cost you 400 rubles / m², and if you decide to decorate your house with an art cork parquet, the price may start from 600 rubles / m².

To calculate the installation works of cork coverings, contact our managers and they will calculate the price for you.