Our achievements

Cork House is a design studio, an exclusive cork atelier, where artistic designers create new unique collections of the cork flooring and where you will be offered such a wide range of color and design solutions, that you will get the one and only interior. Color variants are almost unlimited, moreover the Cork House uses ecological colors based on water. The unique and distinctive colors are developed in the company laboratory according to the customers desire.

Our achievements

1. CORK HOUSE is the only cork atelier in Russia. Our principle is an individual approach. We can carry out a complete cycle for the creation of an exclusive artistic floors for individual orders starting from the minimum volume (1 cork tile 100x100mm) and to the creative solution with cork coverings for your entire home or apartment from floor to walls and ceiling.

2. CORK HOUSE has a cork production in many countries, providing the shortest way to the consumer. These industries today are one of the most advanced, applying the best achievements of science and technology. In addition, the most important principle of the cork covering production at our enterprises is the environmental friendliness principle, with a central consideration of the environment and human health.

3. CORK HOUSE company offers the widest range of cork coverings, having in the product range the cork material from Italy, Portugal and Switzerland for all segments of the cork materials market from economy to VIP class. We carefully select for our customers only the best samples of cork coverings around the world, constantly being in search of opportunities for improving production using the most modern technologies and creating unprecedented hitherto samples of cork coverings.

4. In addition to the implementation of cork coverings, CORK HOUSE is also engaged in the scientific research of the cork industry. With its own laboratory, CORK HOUSE works relentlessly toward development of new cork processing technologies.

5. CORK HOUSE was the first company to launch the production of cork coverings with digital printing technology on a cork material in Russia. Processing areas of the company allow to produce the end product with the use of this technology for any customer with any order volume: from the smallest element of 50х50mm size to infinity. The CORK HOUSE company was the first in the world to develop and launch the production of artistic creative decorative elements made of cork with photo printing technology for floors, walls and ceilings: artistic rosettes, borders, plafonds, friezes, panels, carpets.

6. CORK HOUSE company creative design studio, develops new veneer designs and creates unique collections of cork coverings, reviving old techniques (parquetry, mosaic, marquetry, applique, etc.) and thus reproducing the historical versions of floor coverings. Due to the scientific and technical achievements and its own research laboratory, it applies the most advanced technologies for creating unique collections of cork parquet (digital photo printing, engraving).

7. CORK HOUSE has catalogues in all areas of its developments and products, producing two new catalogues per year. All developments of our design studio are collected in thematic catalogs. With the novelty from Cork House - a cork material with a visual effect of ceramic tiles you can get acquainted in the fresh CorkCeramic catalogue. All catalogues are on our website http://cork-house.com/catalogues

8. CORK HOUSE carries out scientific and educational activities, publishing the only online magazine in the world about the cork material - CORK JOURNAL (www.corkjournal.ru), which contains reports on the unique gift of nature - the cork oak bark in the fullest extent possible.

9. CORK HOUSE company is pursuing the ecological strategy in the production of cork coverings. Our fundamental principle is considering the resource saving we ensure the environment protection. We are proud to say that we have achieved a non-waste production. Thus, we have found an application even for cork shavings, remaining after cutting the corkboards.

10. In 2008, CORK HOUSE products were awarded the American Interior Design magazine award as the "Best Design of the Year" in the "Hard floor coverings" category. The company CORK HOUSE was the first to develop and launch the technology of engraving the cork covering, which in 2010 received the Grand Prix in the nomination "investment and innovative projects". CORK HOUSE company imlements the most advanced technologies and is searching for non-standard original solutions based on the latest achievements in the production of cork coverings.

11. For the very first time in Russia! And first time in the world! The latest development of the spring 2015 made by Cork House: the fresh spring collection "Flower Mood" which is the Cork House floorings with a 3D image of flowers produced in Italy with 8mm thickness. Create your own floral mood with a new collection of cork floors with a 3D image from the Cork House company.