Cork design – Cork House Group

Harmony of man and nature in dance.

At the Biennale of Experimental Design, the exposition of Milan was represented by an installation of wide and long cork sheets that were connected by ends and shaped like a bulb on form. Therefore, a dance performed among the many such cork “bulbs” was named Onion Pinch Baroque Conterpoise. Designers of cork installation are Tiazoldi Catarina (Caterina Tiazzoldi) and Eduardo Benamor Duarte (Eduardo Benamor Duarte).

The dance of the Onion Pinch Baroque Counterpoise is designed to show how human bodies interact with the material of the installation and emphasize the elasticity and strength of the cork. Combining dance with natural material with incredible properties is not just a brilliant idea, but also a demonstration of harmony between man and nature.

Here you can see the dance Onion Pinch Baroque Conterpoise.