Why Cork House

Cork House is a design studio, an exclusive cork atelier, where artistic designers create new unique collections of the cork flooring and where you will be offered such a wide range of color and design solutions, that you will get the one and only interior. Color variants are almost unlimited, moreover the Cork House uses ecological colors based on water. The unique and distinctive colors are developed in the company laboratory according to the customers desire.

Some reasons to become a partner of Cork House

Many people today choose an eco-friendly lifestyle and aplly it in the interior decoration of their own house, as well as the cork – the most environmentally friendly finishing material. It is preferred for its unique qualities. But this is not all – the company Cork House offers their partners a number of undeniable advantages.

  • exclusivity
  • environmental friendliness
  • quality
  • guarantee
  • and a little bit more…


Are you full of ideas for furnishing and decorating your home? Contacting the only cork studio in Russia - Cork House you will get an unlimited opportunities and will be able to implement the most incredible ideas. The company Cork House, following your wishes, will execute any design of a parquet from a mosaic in the size of 30х30мм, to the largest 960х550мм. Using unique photo printing technology on the cork covering, which Cork House was the first to launch in Russia, if you wish,you will get almost any texture of any wood with any picture or image. With Cork House products you will not only get an exclusive cork parquet. Thanks to the design capabilities of Cork House you can decorate both the walls and ceiling with any decorative elements: panels, borders, rosettes and many others.

Environmental friendliness

Is ecological lifestyle your fundamental choice? With the products of the Cork House company, you will fully implement this principle.It is difficult, and almost impossible, to find a more ecological and environmentally friendly material than cork. Warm and lively, it will create a special atmosphere in your home. Soft and spring under your feet, it gently and delicately absorbs, thereby strengthening the musculoskeletal system and taking care of your health. In addition, buying Cork House products, you contribute to the environmental conservation, because our products are made from a renewable natural resource – bark of balsa wood with waste-free production technology.


By purchasing Cork House brand products, you get the world-class quality, as the production of cork covering is made of the best cork raw materials in the best factories where the most advanced technologies are used. With Cork House products, you choose the cork covering, based on your capaсities. This can be an economical option (3-4 mm cork coverings) and a VIP-class material (a solid cork up to 12 mm thick), and a multitude of intermediate options, all types, from natural veneers to textures of stone, wood, ceramics. Whatever material you choose, you can be 100% assured in its highest quality, because Cork House has its own specialized laboratory, where it examines the quality of the cork material.


By purchasing Cork House products, you acquire a guarantee of the material quality from which it was made. You have a warranty support for your cork coverings, if installed by certified teams. You get a guarantee of information support (consultation by qualified specialists on all issues of interest to you).

And some more…

It's amazing, but you have a real opportunity to become a Cork House full-fledged partner by concluding a franchise agreement, and by the latter get the right to use Cork House brand: Cork House know-how technologies, advertising support for Cork House brand resources. also support during each stage of the activities implementation, both in technical issues and in business. We will be happy to welcome you to our company and share our knowledge and skills.