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For architects and designers

Who we are?

We are the company with many years of experience and almost unlimited possibilities.
For this reason, we are ready implement any of your projects and bring to life one may think impossible design ideas

What will you get from the cooperation?

We think that any cooperation should be useful. For this reason, the project of each architect or designer will be considered on special terms.

Why Cork House

  • Cork House is the cork studio with unlimited possibilities, that allow implementing the most exclusive ideas.
  • The Cork House company will implement any parquet design from tiled one with 3x3 cm size to the biggest one of 960x550 cm size
  • The product production is performed on the best world manufactures, there the latest advanced technologies are used.
  • Cork House is a company that provides the customer the material of any thickness (from 3 mm to 12 mm)
  • There is a great assortment of the all cork parquet kinds in Cork House, from the natural veneer sheets to the textures of stone, wood and ceramics.
  • Cork House uses unique technologies to print the cork covering in production.
  • We have our own specialized laboratory where we assure cork material quality.

You can bring to life the boldest design ideas!

We provide high-quality services

You save the time, because we use only advanced technologies.

You are safe as a customer. Our product quality complies with the world quality standards. Moreover, our service warranty is 1 year.

We installed more than 10,000 meters of the cork flooring.

We are the only cork studio in Russia, that has the production area where we can manufacture any product, starting from the old European carpets to the ceramic tile based on cork of any size from the smallest to the biggest. You can bring to life all your boldest design ideas with the Cork House company.

Why are we different from other companies?

1. Personal service to each client

In each specific case our specialists are ready to find for the Customers the necessary material, color, texture, plank size and the installation type, as well as to find consumable goods. Many years of experience and this industry expertise allow the Cork House specialists to provide to the Customers all desired goods and services in a fast and quality manner.

2. Information support

Our specialists studied and systematized all required information about material quality characteristics and work methods with it. Customers, that address to the Cork House company, will get any necessary information about active deals and special offers at any time. Specially designed corporative system gives us the opportunity to improve the process, starting from a consultation, a selection of material and consumable goods, a contract execution with Customer, delivery and his detail finalization with the providers.

3. Clear arrangements recording

When executing the contract with Customer and providers, our specialists try to reflect all the goods and services provision conditions in the contract with as much details as possible. It allows avoiding controversies and misconceptions, occulting during work. As practice shows, about 99% of agreements are implemented without any complications.

4. Constant development

The Cork House company does not stand still and constantly develop available technologies and methods of work with the materials. Our company designers tirelessly develop new collections, that allow offering the Customer the most suitable design of floors, walls and ceiling for them. Moreover, we are an exclusive cork studio in Russia, that has an opportunity to create specific design and to find material depending on his price and quality.

5. Attention to each Customer

The Cork House company cares about its reputation and aims at helping everyone to create in their home healthy and comfortable interior, for this reason, we provide all our Customers with maximum of the required information about materials and provided service. Therefore, we promise 100% transparency about our business. The business relationships are built on the principals of mutual respect and trust.


Denis Fomakhin

Head of the company, architect and designer, the member of the Russian Designers Union, Editor-in-Chief of Cork Journal, the Guild Chairman of the architects, designers and interior decorators of the Republic of Tatarstan.


mobile: 89172271222

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The Cork House Company

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