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Corporate clients

Does your company want to be identifiable and unique, being always up-to-date? With the Cork Company you have such an opportunity. Only we have an unbelievably wide range of the cork, the most ecological finishing material. Our company specialists as skillful magicians create various variants of the design solutions. Create your own unique eco brand with the Cork House Company.

Our offers:

– constant availability of more than 1000 types of the cork flooring.

– personal approach, considering interests and needs of every customer
– unique design development of floors, walls and ceilings according to your company style;

– installation works: material preparation, delivery, floor installation, service maintenance (we have all the consumable goods like cork backerboard, technical cork, primer, glue, and varnish);

– always high focus on the client

The Cork House Company develops unique color solutions, veneer shits, facture, size, that are the most suitable for your company style. The company developed a lot of production technologies from the cork tree, that allow creating a large amount of design conception variations, maximally matching to your company image.

The Cork House studio can develop exclusive project for your company specially. The Cork House Company is both manufacturer and developer of the product from the cork oak, that gives it the opportunity to offer you the most favorable price on the cork covering market. Any public spaces like hotels, bars, restaurants, entertainment and sport centers aim to their brand identification, as a foundation of the business success. We are ready to offer you to create identifiable and stylish interior, that will be associated only with your company name and will give you the advantage over your competitors.

Ideal for public areas

Cork in office

As it is commonly known, work is the second home. The most part of our time we spend at work. An environment and a work place are not the least in order to enjoy it. As you know, a work place image did not play a significant role some decades ago, since the competition between manufacturers was minimal, that cannot be said about today. Nowadays, to increase the sales level, to stand out of the ruck of the salesman legion, many rely on their office distinctive decoration. And the flooring appearance must look distinguished, usually scuffed floor arouses potential clients mistrust.

Advantages of use in commercial and public premises.

High durability

It is suitable for the offices with high publicity. The cork covering have 33 durability classes after being polished with special varnish.

Resilience to temperature and humidity changes

Cork coverings keep their characteristics under sudden temperature changes that perfectly matches to commercial and public spaces.

Heat insulation

Due to specific cellular structure the cork coverings are a great heat insulator, and the unique texture, that replicates the wood texture, allows creating the atmosphere of warmth and coziness in the room.

Unique design

The Cork House Company can develop and bring to life unique eco design, that will emphasize your company image and will become your brand identity.

Resilient to the high humidity, and is not afraid of flooding

Such cork material quality as humidity resistance allows installing it in the public spaces with a high humidity. At the same it does not lose its initial characteristics.

Fire proof

Cork coverings have the first class of fire proof, that is why in a fire area it only smolders, without generating any hazardous substances.

Gnawing animals do not eat and microorganisms do not live

Cork does not appeal to gnawing animals and insects, that allows using it in the premises of foodservice and storage.

High sound absorption level

Cork coverings are the known sound absorber. The world experience makes it possible to say about the wide use of this material in construction, energetics, and automobile, engineering and aviation inductries.

Souvenirs from Cork House

Sports objects

Сonstruction of sport centers often involves the need to find non-standard solutions. This is due to the technical specific of such projects: sports facilities must meet a number of special requirements in terms of sanitation, thermal insulation, structural solidity, etc. The solutions to the entire complex of identified problems is applying the modern building materials that meet the requirements prescribed by law.

Today such material is a cork and coverings made of it. Numerous laboratory studies of cork coverings indicate the high environmental friendliness of this material and the appropriateness of its use in interior finishing, particularly in sports facilities

International experience in the use of cork material

Libraries and Conferences

Cafes and restaurants

Entertaining and sports centers

A complex approach

1 step: definition of the customer Assignment Specification;

2 step: development of the visual interior solutions concept;

3 step: compiling material in conformity with Assignment Specification, object attribute properties and the conditions for its further operation;

4 step: concept development of attaining the stated objective.;

5 step: selection of a cork flooring (veneer type, thickness, color, finish covering) in accordance with the Assignment Specification;

6 step: selection of the base preparation type;

7 step: development of a unique cork interior design project in accordance with your brand-book (if required);

8 step: the final coordination of the design project and the terms of implementation with the customer;

9 step: installation of cork flooring

work in the implementation of projects

1. Selection of associated material suppliers, conclusion of contracts

2. The incoming inspection of the materials at the site

3. Laying the flooring in case of ordering this service by the Customer

4. Installation work quality control, taking into account the parameters of the individual installation system.

5. Delivery acceptance of the ready floor covering and the beginning of the guarantee period.

All items in stock

Many types of cork flooring require the certain processing after they are installed to walls or floor. Usually, it requires the covering by a special moistureproof varnish, which turns the cork into an almost perfect material. There are also other related products for cork flooring – the same glue, which attaches sheets and rolls of cork to the floor or walls, or special care products, which further extend the operating period of such products. At us it is possible to purchase any products for cork coverings, and any type of cork covering for walls or floors, you can be sure that here you can find everything neccessary for its istallation and subsequent care.