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Fast, high quality and beautiful – it’s possible! With the decorative modules developed by the Cork House design studio, the interior of your house will get a new look very fast.

We manufacture decorative cork modules in our production, thus their variety comes to be so great that it makes it possible to transform simple floors into an incredible beautiful cork carpet that can compete with the parquet floor of past centuries on its luxury and unique pattern. In our Modules catalogue you will find a huge selection of decorative cork modules on your preference for implementing different ideas.

Cork module with leather inlay

Modular parquet from cork for connoisseurs of classics

Cork module with leather inlay

At all times the parquet floors were a sign of refined taste and an indicator of prosperity. Requiring special care and operating conditions, parquet floors were expensive and capricious floor covering. Cork House company offers an advantageous alternative to such an actual, but vulnerable floor covering as parquet – modular cork parquet. Due to the variety of cork material and its surprising qualities: plasticity and compliance, an unlimited number of cork modules appears.


The combination of a cork from the “Eco Print” collection and art inserts made with the unique patented technology of the Cork House company allowed the creation of a new collection of modular cork floors Art-Module. The Cork House company expands the boundaries of floor covering ideas, offering customers unprecedented options for creating the unique interiors.


We are bringing to your attention a new collection of Modular-Comfort cork floors by Cork House. A cozy, comfortable and truly warm collection will emphasize your individual taste in interior.



Cork House Company works tirelessly to create new original cork coverings. 3D cork floors – a real sensation in the market of floor coverings. Emerged because of the developed and patented by Cork House technology of imaging on a cork, 3D cork floors amaze with its beauty and peculiarity. Fans of a non-trivial approach to the interior issue will appreciate the collection of 3D cork floors from by Cork House.

Inlay of modular cork parquet

Cork is a unique natural material that has a wide range of applications and unlimited possibilities. Our company is looking for the opportunity to take the full advantage of the potential of this excellent material. Cork is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It opens wide horizons for the creation of masterpieces of cork floor. Look at the collection of modular cork floors by Cork House and you will be amazed at the incredible combination of natural cork and live stone or cork and leather. The cork is so universal and beautiful that allows it looking great in cooperation with any other natural material. Evaluate the possibilities of a cork with a collection of modules from Cork House.

Modular cork floor variants from Cork House company