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Bavaria is a special part of Germany. The Bavarians call themselves the “Free Earth”. It remains true to its principles, despite the changes of recent decades. “Traditions and progress” is the motto of the Free Earth. The distinctive Bavaria demonstrates the effect of this motto: there are many advanced productions known for the quality of their products all over the world on its territory. An example of Bavarian quality is Haro floor covering, occupying a leading position in Germany and Eastern Europe.

In the middle of the mountains, the tops of which are covered with white snow caps, where a surprisingly clean air and all nature sets the person to a harmony, there is a small country that in the view of many is a stronghold of reliability and stability. Switzerland conquered many of those who visited here, not only by its picturesque nature, peaceful and calm, but also by a special philosophy based on centuries-old traditions of the country and permeated by the way of Europeans life. This philosophy manifests itself in everything: in the careful attitude to the surrounding nature, the desire to preserve the history of our country and much more. Attention is paid to the inhabitants of this country living and working space, in the arrangement of which the main principle – environmental friendliness. Natural materials are used in the construction of not only residential buildings, but even factories. One of such buildings is a factory to produce cork coverings of the world famous Swiss brand – Cork Style. The architect-designer, the head of the Cork House company (Kazan) Denis Fomakhin got acquainted with the way the cork is produced and what technologies are used at the same time during his recent visit to the factory.

Switzerland… What associations do you have when you hear the name of this European country? First, it became famous due to its unique location – in the Alps, where surprisingly clean air and all nature is fascinating with its beauty. Another associative series is the Swiss bank and the Swiss watch – symbols of reliability, stability and high quality. Make sure that these features are inherent in all products made in Switzerland, including cork flooring, now any resident of our region can benefit from the Kazan Cork House company. This was reported to us by its director, a member of the Union of Russian Developers Denis Fomakhin.