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Use all the possibilities of a cork covering

Cork mosaic opens a wide range of possibilities for decorating interiors. The mosaic panel in the bathroom is original and untouched. Due to such feature of cork, like moisture resistance, cork mosaic will be an excellent decoration of a humidity room, creating a feeling of a fairy-tale reality. And with the help of the patented technology of printing from a Cork House company we can transfer any desired image to a cork.

Cork mosaic with metal inserts

The original mosaic at your house

The uniqueness of the cork material is that it is absolutely non-waste material. The cork material remaining after repair or accidentally lying piece of cork can be turned into a real art object. Cork House offers another original mosaic solution for your home.

Possible color solutions*

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Cork mosaic in a bathroom

The cork on the floor in the bathroom is an excellent alternative to ceramic tiles.

The cork is known for its warmth and softness. But it is even more valued for such a property as moisture resistance. And with the capabilities of the company Cork House, you get any design solution for the floor in any room of your home. In the collection of Cork Mosaic there are options of cork floors for every taste. Having the appearance of classical ceramics, your floors in the bathroom will pleasantly spring under your feet, giving you all the natural warmth of a natural cork. At the same time, no moisture will be damaging such floor.

Cork House – the only cork studio in Russia “will dress” your floors in an exclusive outfit. Parquet board, ceramic tile, any artistic solution on the cork (carpet, rosette, panel) – we can do it all.

The types of the cork mosaic installation

Cork mosaic in the interior design, the Cordoba material 100x100x8mm (two-color matching)