Customer Service – Cork flooring installation

The service department of the “Cork House” company carries out a complex installation of cork floorings, wall and ceiling coverings. Our service department consists of specialised installation staff provided with all necessary equipment, capable of performing the work of any complexity. The “Cork House” company represents in the market of the Tatarstan Republic the whole range of cork floors and wall coverings, represented on the Russian market. Our experts are officially certified by world manufacturers of cork coverings. Our company does not divide the material into quality and inferior. All cork coverings are produced in Europe and certified for the European market. The service life of cork floors depends on their initial quality wearing, which can be increased by laying down additional varnish layers and from the base floor attachment system (a service life of floating floor is 10-15 years, the life of the adhered cork floors is practically unlimited, provided lacquered finishing). 

Cork Flooring Warranty

The company «Cork House» gives a guarantee for the material installed by the specialised installation staff of our company for a period of 1 year.
To extend the lifeservice of cork coverings, please, become familiar with the operation and maintenance of cork floorings.
Useful information on installation of the glue-down cork floorings and the installation of the floating cork floorings.
Useful information over the laying the glue-down and floating cork floor.