A unique cork atelier in Russia. This is where new cork flooring collections are created, this is where new interior forms are created, customized as per client’s wishes and interests. CORK HOUSE – is a Haute couture atelier; it embodies the art of handling premium quality cork flooring. CORK HOUSE sets a tone in interior fashion, creates unique flooring models that are custom made in our cork atelier. CORK HOUSE products are made in Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany and Russia.


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When comparing the most popular floor covering by such a criterion as thermal-insulating properties, cork floors will be the absolute leader. It is not surprising: coefficient of heat conductivity of this unique material is substantially lower than of wood parquet. The laminate flooring and especially ceramic tile are two orders behind the cork. The latter is so cold and uncomfortable that people want additional insulation. Heat-insulated floor are proven to be harmful when used in a long-term. The warmest and healthiest floor type is cork flooring(glue down cork floor is even better). The thicker the cork coverings the better the thermal insulating qualities are.

Designer solutions from Cork Company

Cork House has its own design studio thanks to which it develops and implements various artistic solutions using cork for your interior, from the floor to the ceiling. Designer cork parquet is by itself is a fabulous  decoration of your house. It becomes a real piece of art with the use of decorative elements: rosette, friso, border and other artistic solutions. Wall cork panno, made in different techniques (marquetry, application, stained-glass window and others), and various ceiling lighting fitting will add a harmonious and completed look to your interior.

Cork is an extremely interesting material both for serious scientific study and for working with it. Its elasticity and plasticity gives almost unlimited opportunities for implementing unexpected projects. Cork is an ideal material, allowing to make your house as comfortable and healthy as possible. And one of the main goals of the Cork House atelier is development and creation of such a “healthy interior”. We also try to teach people the concept of “healthy interior”.

Specialists from Cork house can in detail talk about the currently available cork flooring types, their advantages and characteristics so that the customer has a clear overview and can make the best choice for themselves.

The only cork atelier in Russia!

Пробковое ателье

Cork House is the only cork atelier in Russia that has the capacity to design cork flooring, wall and ceiling individually for each partner. We implement the most ambitious designer ideas in full-cycle mode: from cork coverings production to installation. The company provides all cork coverings with warranty. Our unique technologies allow us to implement almost any, even the most incredible ideas of our customers, designers and those who like everything unusual. Any of your ideas can be realised by our company.

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All our products are certified according to international standards.


CORK HOUSE is the only company producing cork items that is RusEcoCertificate – certified (Russian Ecological Certificate). Our products are environment friendly and comply with GOST 32304-2013. This certificate confirms that we care about our clients and we are ready to prove it in practice, not only by saying.


If you dream about cork flooring and wall covering, “Cork House” will help in implementing.  Here you can buy a wide variety of floor, wall, and even ceiling cork covering. We encourage you to buy cork coverings only from the authorized agents.
Unique advantages of cork flooring are no longer a sensation for Russian customers. Those who leaves reviews about about cork products almost always  admire its ability to keep warm and fresh, low maintenance and a special sense of comfort that appears in the house after installing this material.

Cork Journal is the first electronic magazine about cork in Russia. There we tell about all aspects of using cork material, provide with up-to-date and verified information about cork properties and capabilities.

100 facts about cork

Everything that you wanted to know about the cork and even more … Essence of knowledge from around the world about the unique phenomenon, presented by the nature itself – the cork oak, its amazing properties, its  bark properties…

Here you will find interesting facts about cork industry development history. You will learn about unlimited capabilities of cork as a finishing material and material for creating art pieces. And a lot of other marvelous facts about the most eco-friendly natural material at the moment.

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