About us

Cork House is a design studio, an exclusive cork atelier, where artistic designers create new unique collections of the cork flooring and where you will be offered such a wide range of color and design solutions, that you will get the one and only interior. Color variants are almost unlimited, moreover the Cork House uses ecological colors based on water. The unique and distinctive colors are developed in the company laboratory according to the customers desire.

Hello dear friends!
If you are visiting our website, it means you are interested in the cork flooring and you care about your and our dear wellness and health, as well as about the wellness of our planet. In fact cork is the most eco-friendly finishing material at the moment. Our company CORK HOUSE is a loyal fan and enthusiast in terms of the promotion of this product, a product with exclusive properties, at the finishing material market. Moreover, we treat it as our moral duty to educate as many people as possible about cork, preparing methods of unique raw material, treatment process and product variety and, of course, about amazing useful properties of this gift of nature.

Having more than 20 years of experience working with cork flooring, own production and research and technology laboratory, today CORK HOUSE company has all but limitless opportunities to create various cork coverings (we have more than 1000 options of cork flooring solutions, as well as many different design findings for walls and ceiling).   

Our  friendly and cohesive team is united by a shared idea and goal – to make people’s lives more comfortable and healthy with ecologically clean product – with cork coverings from Cork House. As we truly appreciate, cork material, we produce top-quality cork coverings, choosing the best raw material for our partners, and create true flooring masterpieces, as well as wall coverings and cork ceiling.  

We are always glad to friends who share our views. The CORK HOUSE company will be happy to welcome them in our team and share with them our results, experience and skills.

Denis Fomakhin
CEO, architect-designer,
member of the Russia designers association, chief editor of CorkJournal  
Guild of Architects, Designers and Decorators of the Republic of Tatarstan Chairman


We offer the following cork coverings collections:

Advantages of working with Cork House company

Cork House is a cork atelier with unlimited possibilities, allowing to realise the most exclusive ideas.

Cork House is a company that provides the customer with material of any thickness (from 3 mm to 12 mm).

The Cork House company will make any parquet design from a mosaic 3х3 сm up to the largest 960х550 cm.

Cork House has a big choice of all kinds of cork parquet, from natural veneer to the stone, wood and ceramic textures.

Production is carried out at the best world factories, where the latest advanced technologies are used.

A unique cork coverings print technologies are used for Cork House production.

For decades of experience Cork House company has released a large number of cork flooring projects.

We have our own specialized laboratory, where we test cork material for quality.

Design is our passion , eco friendliness is our priority


The only cork atelier in Russia

healthy interior