Cork House inside and out

Cork House is a design studio, an exclusive cork atelier, where artistic designers create new unique collections of the cork flooring and where you will be offered such a wide range of color and design solutions, that you will get the one and only interior. Color variants are almost unlimited, moreover the Cork House uses ecological colors based on water. The unique and distinctive colors are developed in the company laboratory according to the customers desire.

Cork House inside and out

CORK HOUSE is the company that can be proud of keeping a control over the whole production cycle of their products from the manufacture to the installation on the customer side

1. Production.

We produce and control all technological process of cork covering manufacture, starting from “harvesting” (disbarking of the cork oaks) and finishing with the packing of the off-the-shelf cork board.

2. Research and development.

Parallel to the existence of the line production process, the CORK HOUSE Company has wide research and development. The existence of the own research laboratory allows opening new possibilities of the cork material processing, and developing and applying new technological methods and techniques of unique cork covering creation in practice.

3. Outreach activities.

Outreach activities are the Cork House Company focus area. For more than 20 years of work with the cork our company accumulated a huge experience and owns priceless information about this unique material. We think that the wider population has a right to be introduced to the data we have. The CORK HOUSE Company aims to give priceless knowledge about the most ecological material at present, that is cork, to as many people as possible. For this purpose we publish world’s only Internet journal about cork, the Cork Journal, where we collect and publish information about cork application in different areas of people life. On a global scale, the CORK HOUSE Company goal is to help people to change their attitude to the environment, to think of the necessity of careful and reasonable attitude to the space where they live, and to develop the ecological way of thinking.

4. New technologies development to create unique artistic solutions.

The CORK HOUSE Company develops by the means of its design studio artistic solutions of uniquely designed cork parquet of different lines: these are artistic floor outlets and borders, as well as ceiling outlets. These are various variants of carpet covering imitations, imitation of the ceramic tiles and mettlach tiles. The design solutions variants are almost unlimited. Each client also can create his own parquet by specific projects and designs. Our design studio will actively assist you to bring to life your ideas.

5. Installation.

The Company image, reputation and convenience for clients are three pillars, the CORK HOUSE Company leans on. We install our cork coverings, giving upfront recommendations on preparing base for them and thoroughly checking the readiness of the surface on which they will be installed. The cork covering installation is performed by the professional certified teams. At the same time the company gives a warranty of cork covering quality for 1 year.