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To constructors

The Cork House company is a unique company.

The work over one cycle distinguish Cork house from other companies.

Our goal is to provide customers with cork material of the high quality.
The Cork House Company has production in four countries: Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Russia. We select the highest quality materials to produce the cork covering. Our designers in Italy make by hands various veneer sheets.

Design studio of the Cork House Company works to create new samples of the wall, floor and ceiling cork coverings. Variety of the artistic solutions allows bringing into life the boldest customer ideas and getting the unique interior. At the same time, we will help to prepare the base for the cork covering. The installation will be performed by the special teams, that have a great experience of working with the cork covering, since there is a range of characteristics and attributes that have to be considered to get the ideal surface.

The Cork House Company is open to cooperation. Working with us, you are joining the progressive society classes for whom the care for the environment and human welfare is not a mere word. The Cork House Company offers covering from the most ecological and useful for the human health material, that is cork.

We are recommended

The Cork House Company gained a reputation of the almost exclusive company, that offers package approach in renovations.

We cooperate with many famous designers and architects from Kazan as well as from other Russian cities.

The Cork House Company has a wide base of artistic solutions. It also performs development of specific project designs and bring them up to a logical conclusion, staring with the preparation of the base for the flooring to the installation and following warranty maintenance.

We are recommended as the only company that can help our clients to create unique home interior, based on the more than 20 years of work experience with cork.

The company has production in Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Russia. It has own research base and design studio.


Denis Fomakhin

Head of the company, architect and designer, the member of the Russian Designers Union, Editor-in-Chief of Cork Journal, the Guild Chairman of the architects, designers and interior decorators of the Republic of Tatarstan.


mobile: 89172271222

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The Cork House Company

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