Professional varnish covering FROM CORK HOUSE

CorkHouse varnish is a two-component waterborne lacquer made in Germany. It withstands loads from normal to very high, gives light shades to surfaces. Suitable for covering floors in sport halls (meets the requirements of DIN 18032, part 2)

Package: Delivered in containers with the capacity: 0,9 l CorkHousvarnish and 0.045 L CorkHouse Platinum Iso-Harter hardener; 4.5 L CorkHouse varnish and 0.225 L CorkHouse Platinum Iso-Harter hardener

The containers are filled in such a way that it is possible to easily mix the components of the lacquer / hardener mixture


– very high abrasion resistance
– not yellowed
– lightresistant
– very ease of use
– quick drying
– very good grinding
– high resistant to the effects of household chemicals
– extremely high resistant to abrasion and scratches
– has a weak odor
– water resistant (even with prolonged exposure to a continuous varnish covering)

Mode of application:

In the container with CorkHouse varnish add CorkHouse Platinum Iso-Harter hardener and shake well (at least 15 seconds). Mix only a the quantity of varnish and hardener, that volume can be applied in the next 2 hours. Component ratio: 20: 1 lacquer / hardener