Professional CorkHouse contact adhesive for cork coverings


Contact adhesive for adhesive cork coverings, as well as for gluing the technical cork to fiberboard/chipboard, concrete and other materials.


The surface must be clean, dry and even. The adhesive is covered by a thin, even layer on both glued surfaces – the velor roller for the cork covering and the notched trowel on the base. The covering is attached not earlier than 15 – 20 minutes.

The working condition of the adhesive after application is up to 2 hours. For high-quality attaching, it is enough to press the tile on the entire surface while laying, tile peeling and re-gluing is not allowed. Complete drying of the adhesive takes 48 hours.

Consumption of glue:

250 – 300 g / square meter on each of the surfaces to be bonded.

Method of application:

Velor roller or notched trowel.
Storage: Sealed, up to 12 months at a temperature of 10 – 25 degrees Celsius.
The main product, which is always bought together with cork coverings, almost any type, is a contact adhesive for cork. With this adhesive any coverings are attached – both sheeted on the floor, and rolled or in the form of wallpaper on the wall. Here you can buy a glue for cork coverings for walls of various types – both water-based and rubber-based, from the leading manufacturers in this industry. The price for cork coverings glue is relatively low, and in general do not try to safe maney on its quality, since the strength with which the covering will be hold on to the same wall depens on its quality. We sell very good adhesives, which can be used even in conditions of high humidity, and they keep perfectly even heavy sheets with a thickness of more than 10 mm. There is no need for further maintenance of this fastening.

If you want to buy cork glue, our specialists will advise you the best choice, depending on what kind of material for the walls is used, and what kind of covering. The main advice is to buy all goods for cork covering at once together with the coverings themselves, in order to clearly understand the volumes of the forthcoming works. If you want to buy a cork for walls – you always need to understand that for its fastening you will also need a sufficient amount of contact adhesive, except perhaps self-adhesive wallpaper or thick sheets, which will be attached somehow differently, for example, using screws.